Personalized mousepads for doing your personalization online

Start your personalization journey on Magic Touch by personalizing the mousepad that you sit your mouse on to control our online personalization tools. How fantastic would it be to have your photo printed onto a mouse pad, making your workstation personal to you only. Or how about putting a photo mouse pad into your kids room so they can show off to their friends.

Our personalized mouse pad comes in 3 different size and shapes. The standard rectangle shaped is of course always a people favorite where you mouse can have maximum maneuverable space or how about our round mouse pads which goes great with any mouse. Our third option is the heart shaped mouse pad which is perfect for lovers. Find your favorite photo of you and lover and upload it onto our mouse pad maker and turn a boring workstation into a romantic place. Our heart shaped mouse pad is perfect for other occasions too such as for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries, so get designing now see how a personalized mouse pad can transform your computer area to something your call your own.

They’re not only great for personal use but also great as promotional gifts for your business. Give these custom mousepads printed with your company logo and details to your clients and you can be sure they’ll not lose your contact details again. Try it now and see how it can benefit your business profit.

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